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  • 1 Low voltage 380V 690V
  • 2 HID300 series
  • 3 Intelligent design, easy to handle and maintain, used in all industrial applications




This product uses a DSP control system that improves V/F control and G/P design and increase product value. The HID 300 is widely used in fan and pump at sites as the best way to increase energy savings.


Key features:

 16 simple PLC multi-speed and PID controls and frequency control functions

 8 loop DI, 2 loop AI, 1 loop relay output, 2 open loop output, 2 analog output

• Auto voltage adjustment:  when grid changes, the drive can automatically adjust the output voltage to make it stable

• Speed tracking and self-start function start the running motor smoothly

• Supplies RS485 physical communication terminals using a standard MODBUS agreement and supports RTU transportation. This makes building a network and upper system control convenient 




Frequency control range


Output frequency resolution


Frequency resolution preset

Digital set0.01Hz

Analog setAD Conversion precision for  1‰

Speed control range


Speed control resolution


Control mode

Open loop V/F controlopen loop vector control

 Torque boost

Manual torque adjustable; auto full frequency torque boost

Start torque

1Hz  150 rated torque

Over load capacity

G 150 rated current 60s180 rated current 1s

P120rated current 60s150rated current 1s

Function description

Accelerate/decelerate wave

Straight or S modes 4 kinds of period0.13200.0s constant adjustable

Point start function

Frequency 0.0050.00hzaccelerate/decelerate  period0.13200.0s constant adjustable

Standard functions

Motor parameter auto inspection; simple vector control; multi-point V/F wave; manual toque boost, jump frequency; carrier frequency auto adjustment; DC brake; DC stop; self start after voltage recover; fault reset; 16 digital speed running; simple PLC operation; swing frequency for textile; close loop PID adjustment control

Control features

Auto torque boost; auto speed difference compensation; auto stable output voltage; speed track start; acceleration over current hold-up; constant speed over current underclocking(frequency reduction); auto energy saving operation

Operation order channel

3 control modeskeypad ,terminal, series communication control

Frequency resource option

Digital set, analog current set, analog voltage, series communication set, available to switch 

Input terminals

8 digital input terminals, 26 custom functions, compatible for power PNP input or NPN input

2 analog input terminals,  receive voltage signal010Vor current signal 020mA);

Output terminals

2 open-collector output 16 custom functions

1 relay output;

2 analog output 6  custom functionsvoltage signal010V or current signal020mA);


Over/under voltage, over current , modular protection, over temperature protection, motor over load protection, external fault protection, current inspection abnormal, input power supply abnormal, output phase loss abnormal, EEPROM abnormal, relay abnormal

Operation conditions




Well installed in cabinet, no dust, no corrosive gas, no flammable gas, no oil fog, no steam, no drop water, no direct sun light

Ambient temperature

-10°C+40°Cderating use if ambient temperature higher than 40 degree, maximum is 50 degree. 1% derating every 1 degree higher than 40 degree.


02000 mderating use above 1000 m rated output current reduce 1% every 100 m higher

Relative humidity

20%90%RH no condensation



Stock temperature



For heavy load--------------------

For light load--------------------

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