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  • 1 3kV,3.3kV,250kW-3300kW/315-4125kVA
  • 2 HIVERT-T/Y 03
  • 3 MV VFDs are commonly used in power stations, petrochemical plants, mining and municipal projects





Transformer cabinet

Isolated transformer: supplies phase shift supply for power cells and reduces the harmonic interference to grid.
Transformer cooling fans: on dry type transformers various cooling fans can be installed according to voltage

Power cell cabinet

Controller: allows for PWM control, signal collection and processing, communication with fibers between power cells; completely electrically isolated
Power cell: modular design, easy replacement and maintenance
I/O board:  controls digital and analog signal process for different applications
HMI: digital signal processor (DSP) control core, simple operation, parameters setting possible in both English and Chinese, also displays a running and fault record.


Bypass cabinet (optional)

Switches the motor into rated frequency to guarantee the production constant.

Switch cabinet (optional)

Switches the Drive output to different motors.

Synchronous switch cabinet(optional)

Allows the Drive to function synchronously to fulfill high demand on soft starting, no interference to grid.



•Perfect harmony

A thee phase output inverter connects in series with several single phase output units by star way. Output voltage dv/dt is smaller, reducing harmonic distortion. The addition of voltage will improve VFD output performance; the resulting waveform an approximate sin wave


•Digital control system

The control system takes the DSP and sin space vector to produce PWM three phases voltage instructs and all motor function. There are two monitor modes, local and remote. In the local monitor mode, through the HMI display on the VFD, the system can be controlled by the operator allowing them to start, stop, set the function and modify the frequency and speed of the system. Parameter setting can be done in either Chinese/English. When the HMI is running, the display will show the output voltage, current, power, and rated power also in Chinese/English.


•Self-start after high voltage loss

Under the conditions of double grid and voltage loss the VFD will keep the system in standby during a certain period and restart operation (the longest possible voltage loss period is 30 seconds)


•Rotating speed (flying) start

The flying start function allows the VFD to be started when motor is already rotating. It allows motors to switch from fixed to variable frequencies without stopping, which can reduce the production risk. After several times operation confirmation, it is proved to switch between fixed frequency with variable frequency and increases the efficiency and guarantee the continuity.


•Transient fault protect function 

When main power loss occurs, the VFD will control the motor to operate it as a generator for the unit capacitor and supply power for the cell until the main power supply is restored. When the VFD begins operating once again, the transient fault period will be 3 seconds. The specific period will depend on the load and the size of the moment of inertia



VFD rated power


Rated voltage


Rated frequency


Modulation technique


Control power

380VAC15kVAdepending on power level

Input power factor



>0.96for variable frequency >98%

Output frequency range


Frequency resolution

0.01Hz0Hz80Hz), 0.02Hz0Hz120Hz

Instantaneous over-current protection

200% immediate protection (or customized )

Overload capability

120% 2 minutes150% 3 seconds

Current limited protection

10%-150% setting

Analog input

Two loops 420mA

Analog output

Four loops 420mA

Host communication

Isolated RS485 interface, ModBus RTU, Profibus DP(optional), Industry Ethernet Protocol (optional)

Acceleration and deceleration time

5s1600s (relative to load)

inputs and outputs switch signals

12 inputs/9 outputs (extensible)

Environment temperature


Storage/transportation temperature



forced air cooling


<95%, no condensation


<1000m when altitude is higher than 1000meach 100 meter increase requires 1% VFD derating


Non-conductive, no causticity,<6.5mg/dm3 

Protection level


Cabinet colors

PANTONE Cool Gray 1U & 2915U or Customized


The HIVERT-T/Y03 serial MV drive is used for medium voltage AC synchronous/asynchronous 3kV,3.3kV motor speed regulation. It adopts power cells connecting in a series topology and a wave stacking method. A multi-level sinusoidal PWM (V/F) control allows for accurate operation, quick response and eliminatespollution to the grid network. 


Key Features 

     ● Multi-language support: Chinese / English LCD display
     ● Wide input voltage scope to meet the demands of power network
     ● Output voltage AVR (automatic voltage regulator) function prevents damage to motor isolation from over voltage
     ● Torque boost function raises output voltage & output torque during low frequency running
     ● Power interrupt ride-through function allows for continued operation in the event of a power loss for a of maximum 1000ms


3kV/3.3kV series  (motor:200~3500kW)

Technical data
Voltage range: 3.3
Power range: 0.3 – 3.5 MVA
Output frequency range: 0 – 80 Hz
Cooling: Air cooling
IP protection: IP 30 or higher
Control method: – Local control: LCD user interface– Remote control:
Analog input: 4-20mA
Digital input: 5 level– DCS control: Modbus (RS 485)
Highest possible altitude of operation site: 3000 m


Typical applications
Pump, fan, compressor, extruder, kneader, mixer, crusher, conveyor system

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