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Hiconics 3rd generation medium voltage variable frequency drives

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At present, Hiconics third generation prototype VFD is being tested in Hiconics Beijing facilities, ready to put into operation on site. The Project leader Dr. Lee has introduced us Hiconcis third generation MV VFD. 

Hiconics variable frequency drives are classified into different generations based on the classification of control platforms. Hiconics first generation VFD uses Intel 80196MC as core processing unit, and the third generation VFD uses TI TMS320F28335 as core processing unit. With the upgrading of the core processing, the performance of every generation of VFD is also upgraded. The third generation VFD has better protection function compared to the previous generations, some functions have also been upgraded and new functions added.

The new technologies of Hiconics third generation VFDs are from low voltage VFD, eg: output voltage automatic regulation function, multiple motor parameter operation, external user terminals can be set up on site, various V-F curves, etc. All of these new technologies come from the advanced R&D in low voltage VFDs, these technologies have been widely used in low voltage VFDs, but rarely in Medium and High Voltage VFDs. Hiconics third generation VFDs integrates all these technologies, and will greatly improve its driving functions.

Hiconics third generation VFD integrates “power cell bypass technology”, “Output neutral point shifting technology,””user interface programmable setting technology,””power cell Electronic fuse technology ,” well improving VFD functions.

The power cell bypass function is similar with the peer companies, adopting “rectifier bridge + silicon control”, because the silicon control belongs to semi control component, when the passing current is zero, it will automatically cut off, it must be in state of continuous triggering, and the triggering power is high, which will cause the silicon control broken and in consequence the failure of bypass. The third generation MV VFD uses bi-directional IGBT as power cell bypass component, fast response, greatly improving the VFD reliability.

Output neutral point shifting technology can ensure the continuous running of VFD when power cell bypasses. Hiconics previous products used the same layer bypass, taking VFD with five power cells cascaded per phase as example, if the second power cell A2 of phase A has failed and bypassed, at the same time, the second power cells B2, C2 of phase B and Phase C will also bypass, therefore, the VFD output voltage could only reach the 80% of its normal operation. The third generation Hiconics VFD adopts the neutral point shifting technology, when power cell A2 fails and bypasses, the other power cells still keep the normal voltage output, only the phase position of the A,B,C 3-phase output voltage has changed (not 120 degree anymore). In this way, the VFD output voltage can reach the 92% of its normal operation.

The successful application of user interface programmable setting technology on VFD provides the users communication interface and 3 channel analog input, 3 channel analog output, 10 channel switch input, 10 channel switch output, in the 10 channel switch input, the key signals of the 3 channel are for use, the other 7 channel switch input can be defined by the onsite requirements. Similarly, 5 channels in 10 channel switch output can be defined by the onsite requirements. The communication interface bus model, communication parameters, 3 channel analog input, 3 channel analog output can be set up on the site on HMI, therefore, the VFD is more flexible and smarter for use.

At present, the power cell of MV VFDs all adopt the fuses to do over-current protection of the input current, but different manufacturers, even different batches of fuses could have difference in fuse function, which is not reliable for the power cell protection. In addition, the fuse protection cannot pre warn the power cell abnormal input current. Hiconics third generation VFD developed Electronic “Fusing” device, collecting the input current of every power cell and do the inverse time limit calculation, predicting the input current characteristics of every power cell, when it exceeds a certain value, there will be warning signal, even require cutting Medium Voltage, in this way, improving the reliability and flexibility of VFD.

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