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Hiconics present 2016 gas&oil industry exhbition in Beijing

Number of visits: Date:4/8/2016 09:38:23

Recently, one of the largest exhbition 16th CIPPE2016 is held in beijing international exhbition centre. Gen-IV product from Hiconics is presented in the exhbition, together with HID 625 for oil pump,HID580 large power module inverter.

 Gen-IV product:innovation technology to fullfil customer requirement

in the exhbition,  Gen-IV product attract a lot of visitors, from the operation touch screen to software design, to main control etting,  Gen-IV product update to be better performance. the new product features with more stable system, friendly operation which will further meet customer requirements.

three voltge level oil pump inverter:tailorship for oil pump 

fully-self designed by Hiconic, low electrical parts output high voltage, lower  voltage THD and dv/dt, stay same with oil pump application. now the product is sucessfully used in the north and south in the ocean platform.

HID625 oil pump inverter:creat model for oil industry 

in low voltage inverter, Hiconics presents HID625 for oil pump and HID580 module inverter.HID625 products now widely uses in the nationwide oil field, which can regenetive the energy to grid for saving aspect up to 20%~60%。

HID580 module inverter:smart drive the oil driller 

HID580 module inverter is based on special structure of ocean platform, equiped with laminated busbar technology, excelent response speed and precise speed/torque control to supply power for winch, turnplate, pump for stable running and smart control.

confronting the oil&gas industry depressed,Hiconics contribute all effort to innovate the technology to help customers saving energy and improve efficiency to support“made-in-china2025”. Hiconics will go with international customers to do innovation and take the future challenge.

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