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Hiconics VFD Training to Ghana Clients

Number of visits: Date:9/3/2014 04:29:47

Last week from the end of August, Hiconics gave one-week VFD training to Ghana clients.

The eight-day courses include the following:

     Hiconics VFD structure and topology,

     VFD electric drawings,

     VFD function setting and parameter setting,

     VFD operation,

     VFD common trouble shootings,

     VFD daily maintenance

     Usage of programmable logic controller

     VFD Practical operation and commissioning demonstration in the factory


During the training, Hiconics engineers specialized in different areas gave lectures on different topics and gave visual and physical demonstrations to the Ghana engineers.

After the one week time training, the Ghana engineers have mastered the knowledge of VFD structure and operation and trouble shooting. And Hiconics has gained more experience on the VFD training to the foreign clients. In addition, the Ghana engineers had visited famous touristic spots in China and experienced the Chinese culture. 

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