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Hiconics MV Drives Used in Sugar Industry in Brazil

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This July,  two sets of Hiconics 4.16kV/1000kW and 4.16kV/1800kW were successfully put into operation in one Sugar company in Brazil.

As is well known, sugar industry is one of the the pillar industries in  Brazil. In the sugar production process, the sugar canes are sent upward to a higher altitude by the belt conveyor, and the sugar canes will be crushed in two processes. The two Hiconics MV drives are used in the two crushing systems respectively. 

The commissioning task is mainly to coordinate with the local engineers to achieve VFD fault-free operation and DCS control. In the commissioning processes, the two VFDs need shifting from the modbus communication to profibus communication by gateway, because the client uses Yokogawa PLC control system, which is quite different from the DCS control system used in domestic market. Hiconics engineer and local engineers had to overcome the language difficulties and technological difficulties, studying on the Yokogawa programming software, configuring step by step, and finally put the two VFDs into operation within one week’s time and successfully make realize the DCS control and reading of the fault, alarming and running status signals.

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