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HIVERT-Y6/1200 Water Cooled VFD will be used in Nuclear Industry

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Recently, Southeastern Institute of Physics team visited Hiconics and followed up on the progress of medium voltage water cooled variable frequency regulating system used for the Chinese circulator No. 2 (HL-2M)project. The MV VFD will be delivered at the end of this June. Until now, this will be the first case in China that MV VFD will be used for pulse generator in Magnetic confinement nuclear fusion experimental device.
HIVERT-Y6/1200(6kV/10000kW)MV water-cooled VFD is composed of Hand car breaker type automatic bypass cabinet, start cabinet, Main transformer cabinet, Power cell cabinet, Control cabinet, water cycling system, Wiring cabinet and so on.  Hiconics has considered the working condition of pulse generators, integrating full digital vector control technology, IGBT Parallel design, the laminated busbar technology, power cell braking function, water cooled technology and so on. It has the following advantages: 
1. Full digital vector control technology, the system adopts speed and current double closed loop speed regulation system. Current loop adopts PI regulator, easy to achieve with better current tracking function. Speed loop adopts PI regulator, effectively limiting the dynamic response overshoot, speeding up the response. 
2. IGBT Parallel design adopts advanced paralleled current technology, current density increased, having the advantages of even heat distribution, flexible topology, higher electrical performance, and so on. 
3. Laminated busbar technology realizes high current capacity of load, easy to cool, less temperature rise, effectively reducing the Internal stray inductance and Internal parasitic inductance, reduce the voltage spike to protect IGBT.
4. Power cell braking function effectively reduces the power cell bus overvoltage caused by the energy feedback to the VFD from the motor when VFD slows down or operating braking on the motor.  
5. Water cooled technology. The full closed circulating water cooling method increases the efficiency of cooling, less VFD temperature rising, better for stable running. VFD has smaller size, lighter, and more compact. 

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