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Hiconics “one driving two master-slave control” solution to the problem of conveyor heavy load starting in Ruifeng Coal

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The onsite conveyor belt in Ruifeng Coal in Shaanxi is about 800m long. The initial retrofit project used Hiconics “one driving one” solution, that is, one VFD drives one motor master slave control. With the development of coal mining and production in recent years, Ruifeng Coal put two more motors on the site, therefore, Hiconics technical group made “one driving two” solution for the customer, which means one VFD driving two motors master-slave control solution according to the onsite condition. After the commissioning, “one driving two” solution has been successfully put into operation.

In previous one driving one splution, VFD used normal v/f control mode. Under this control mode, when the motor runs under 10HZ and cannot reach rated torque, the conveyor cannot be started with heavy load, then workers had to shovel the raw coal off the belt until the conveyor could  start with light load,  after the belt started, the workers had to reload the raw coal. Faced with this conveyor heavy load staring problem, Hiconics engineer team adopts 1140V/630kW speedless sensor vector control one driving two conveyor master slave control solution, with this solution, the motor running in the range of 0.1-50Hz, the conveyor can be successfully started with heavy load. One driving two solution makes realize the even distribution of load among the four motors driving by two VFDs, and their speeds synchronized.
 Hiconics has been dedicated to VFDs for mining application for years, and has long been a leading player in VFD mining hoist application and mining conveyor application.

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