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Hiconics VFD Remote Control System

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This May, Hiconics VFD Remote Control System was successfully used in Qingtongxia  Aluminum in China. The remote control system has realized the real-time connection between the 33 onsite Medium Voltage VFDs with remote control system service platform. The platform monitors the synchronous data of every onsite VFD, analyzes the key data, and collects all kinds of running records. Hiconics VFD Remote Control System is objected to connect the 7000 VFDs onsite to the Remote Control System, which can realize the 24 hours non-stop monitoring on the VFDs, to best guarantee the VFD operation for the customers.

Hiconics Medium Voltage VFDs running onsite

Hiconics Remote Control System data processing

Qingtonngxia Aluminum is the largest manufacturing base of electrolytic aluminium in China. In the beginning of 2013, the group decided to retrofit the major air exhausters in two 350KA workshops and one 400KA workshop and bought 33 Hiconics Medium Voltage VFDs. The project involves a various kinds of industries such as construction, electromechanical equipment, automation, computer and so on, and it has overcome the onsite severe environmental conditions such as strong field magnetic interference, high dust pollution, etc. Until now, the 33 Hiconics MV VFDs has been stably running for half a year, with zero fault. The retrofit project has reduced the maintenance cost of the equipment, and the average energy saving efficiency has reached to 35%.

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