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At Hiconics, there are four tenants by which we seek to shape and grow our corporate culture. They are:

• Quality: incorporating a wide range of ideas, "quality" refers to that of our products and customer service as well as the lives of our employees and those using/ affected by our products. It is necessary to heighten awareness of the importance of quality in all these areas and take the necessary steps to implement it. Each member of our company at every level is concerned with this objective, helping create a brand which is not only concerned with product excellence but which is conscientious of our users and other affected by them.

• Innovation: as a source of our success and technological creativity, "innovation" is sustained by a focus on R&D which emphasizes ingenuity and sustainable development. This allows Hiconics to compete with world- renowned enterprises as a top tier manufacturer and innovator. 

• Efficiency: key to keeping our company competitive with larger companies, "efficiency" is achieved via system and process optimization, skillful application of information management tools and propagation of employee awareness. The value of Hiconics as a company is enhanced by continuously improving its efficiency.

• Mutually Beneficial Relationships: positive interaction between our enterprise and customers, partners and employees, as well as corporate social responsibility makes up our vision of "mutually beneficial relationships. Hiconics maintains as open minded stance towards the needs of all parties with which it interacts in its mission to provide the highest quality products. 

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