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Hiconics Exhibit at Hannover mess 2017

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Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "Hiconics") has exhibited at Hannover Mess in Hannover Germany during April April 24-28,2017. With more than 6551 exhibiting companies from 70 countries, Hannover is the world's largest International industrial event which has been organized approximately once every year since 1947.

At the hannover mess, Hiconics has showed our most advanced technology and quality products. Specifically, we have exhibit our drive systems including large-capacity and high voltage/ medium voltage and low voltage inverters. It is most common use is with fan and pump motors in power generation, mining, petrochemical manufacture, metallurgy and municipal projects.

The hannover mess have given us a good chance to introduce our company and products to the customers. Many customers have showed great interest in our products, now both parts are in active negotiation. 

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